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Premier Bullies

Here at Premier Bullies, we are more than simply bully breeders. We are people who love our dogs and think of them as more than pets but family members. This is the type of environment we provide for all of our dogs. We love and care for our dogs and make sure they all get the equal, loving attention that they deserve. Temperament is one of the most important qualities to us here at Premier Bullies. When you get a puppy from us, you can be assured that it has a great temperament and has been treated like part of our family.  We care about the breed and the puppies and we want them to be a special part of your family as well. As a bully breeder, Premier Bullies breeds puppies with sound minds, bodies and excellent temperament.

We believe that heritage determines health and temperament. As a result, Premier Bullies offers you top quality bloodlines, genetic perfection and our American Bullies have been raised in the best environment possible. We take our role as breeders seriously, and let our integrity speak for itself. We have a self imposed set of best practices. These practices include, not over breeding and limiting genetic flaws by being selective in breeding. We also raise our dogs in a family household and feed them the finest diet.
Bullies are our passion. Here at Premier Bullies, we specialize in blue pitbulls and fawn pitbulls. Our mission is to provide the best quality pitbulls, great family pets and change the concept and increase awareness of the breed. We are selective in many aspects. Before a puppy is sold, we require the ability to take care of the dog, including diet, living conditions and treatment. Limited breeding insures the best genetics, a healthy life for the mom and rarity of the bloodline.

We have a few different bloodlines at our facility.  We are firm believers in the Cain blood which is greyline. Our foundation male (Kimbo) is greyline and is 2x Cain. We also have some Xtreme Bully blood and most of our dogs are of the Iron Cross descent.